Solutions and Services

At Hoteltopic, we offer end-to-end service to our customers. The following is a catalogue of all our services along with some explanations. After a free consultation, we can recommend you the services that will provide you the best value and best return. Accordingly, you may choose to take up one or more of these services.

  • Online Booking
  • Channel Manager
  • Room and Food Billing
  • Restaurant Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Reception Management
  • 24×7 Reservation Desk
  • Others

Online Booking

Using our software, we will ensure that your room inventory is available online and all booking are accepted online. Payments will be accepted by all digital payment methods and confirmations generated online. The payments get credited to your account directly. The entire technology and process can be managed by us. This will allow a potential guest to book your rooms without any intervention from you or when your receptionist is not available. Note that many international travelers book during night when your receptionist is off duty.

Channel Manager

In addition to marketing your hotel using your own website, you can also choose to market your hotel through Online Travel Agents(OTAs) like MakemyTrip, Goibibo, etc. Hoteltopic can guide you through the process and manage the booking by integrating your inventory with the OTAs. This system is called Channel Manager and is a part of the HotelTopic system.

Room and Food Billing

Hoteltopic provides you with a billing solution for your hotel that generates the bill for the rooms and food during checkout. This system is integrated with the booking system and transfers the information, allowing to add any extras that the guest may have availed during the visit.

Restaurant Management

Managing a restaurant is quite a different affair than managing a hotel. Our software is used by reputed restaurants including our own. We provide complete solution for your restaurant starting from food menu setup, pricing, billing and finally integrating it with the hotel billing.
We also offer consulting on restaurant setup, table setting, procurements etc. in case you need it.

Digital Marketing

Have you wondered why some hotels come up more when Searching in google? Or why a particular Hotel’s Advertisement comes up in facebook. These are all the results of Digital Marketing. The Hoteltopic team can actively market your hotel using all active digital marketing channels.

Website Development

Every hotel has a character and there are reasons why each hotel uniquely stands out in a traveller’s memory. We can create an attractive website showcasing the unique selling proposition of your hotel. Ensuring that the content is easily manageable and easily searchable on Google and other search engines.

Online Reputation Management

Feedback from guests are extremely important for bringing in future guests. However, a negative feedback can also hurt the reputation of your hotel. Nowadays, this more important as guests often leave feedback online in Facebook, Tripadvisor, HolidayIQ etc travel sites. The HotelTopic team ensures that your hotel’s reputation is effectively managed in the Internet and to your advantage.

Reception Management

A comprehensive system that proactively lets your reception to know about upcoming guests, their special requests, or departing guests. This makes your life much easier as a hotelier, as you do not have search for this information anywhere.

24×7 Reservation Desk

A good number of people call up for bookings after hours. In case you or your receptionist is not available during that time, it results in a lost booking. Hoteltopic provides full service desk who can take all your calls, guide you guests and convert any enquiry to a sale. If you ever had a guest complain about your receptionist not available, then this is something you should definitely think of.


Hotel Infrastructure, Landscaping, Exterior and Interior Decoration, Procurement of materials, training subject to availability.